Below are some reviews from past clients we have worked with. If you like what you see feel free to give us a call at 520-883-2342 to learn how to get started. The screen shot below came from our Houzz page if you would like to see more.

“We have been in our new house for a year now. It’s the second house John Herder Building has built for us. We have found John to be the most professional and easiest builder to work with of any that we have known over the last 45 years. He personally worked with us through the entire process from redoing the plans until they were exactly right to helping us with decisions about where to put electrical outlets. He never allowed us to make a foolish decision and often had suggestions to improve on ones that we had made. The other half of the team, Paulette Herder, helped with all the design decisions from kitchen hardware to paint colors. We are happy with all of them. John used a synthetic stucco that is infused with the house color which means we don’t have to paint the outside for many years. We have a commercial roof, a whole house exhaust fan, zoned HVAC, and excellent insulation which all make for a very energy efficient house. The furnace never was on all of last winter. John has a number of very skilled crews who accomplish the various stages of building. They were all above reproach and artists at their jobs. During the building of the house my husband had a serious health crisis. John and his crews worked overtime to see that we were in the new house before my husband’s surgery. We are proud to say the John and Paulette are not only the best builders in Tucson but also our friends. We would recommend John Herder Building without reservation to anyone who asks.”

– Phil & Jeannie

“From start to finish, John and Paulette Herder at John Herder Building were outstanding people with which to work. The process of selecting the layout of the house on the property, the location and/or size of the windows, choosing specific flooring tiles, choosing from the array and style of granite countertops, lighting fixtures, appliances, and all the other special nuances that made a house our home was made a lot easier through their cooperative effort.

Their attention to budgetary considerations and equity of costs for certain options was particularly useful. Their knowledge gleaned through the many years of experience with regard to building quality homes added to our ideas for what was possible. As a matter of fact, the Herders added things and ideas we hadn’t even considered as possible! Both John and Paulette added some very nice amenities that we would not have included otherwise; and today we are glad to have them included.

As it seems to me that one’s word has great value, I could never truly understand how a corner couldn’t be “square” regardless of the price per square foot. It never made sense to me that square corners seemed only to be expected in expensive homes. Nor could I comprehend how appointments made in the construction industry seemed to be so consistently disregarded. My experience with Herder Building was a very pleasant exception to this seemingly historical practice. I was particularly impressed with John Herder’s attention to detail and to quality with respect to exacting the same requirement from anyone who was associated with our project. If I had an appointment with John or Paulette he, she, or they were timely. If something had to be re-done or replaced, it was re-done or replaced. To my fascination, these repairs might have been flaws that I would not even have noticed, nor have known that were flaws or less-than-acceptable standards. To our good fortune, John did notice them. John behaved more as our advocate; not turning a blind-eye to that which do not meet quality standards. As it turned out, John’s standards were higher than mine; and that was primarily due to his knowledge of what quality workmanship is supposed to be when building a house.

One of the nicer features I particularly enjoyed was the one-year review. John Herder came to inspect the house after we were in the home for one year. Any and all cracks from the natural shifting of the house were repaired along with other similar-type repairs and no additional cost to us.

In short, John and Paulette Herder have been a joy and blessing for us as we were led to this beautiful area. They build quality homes and are more importantly quality people. I think a person is more apt to find that the latter is more likely when for the former is true. In addition, it also enhances the enjoyment of the experience. If I ever had to build another home, John and Paulette at John Herder Building would be without hesitation our first option.”

– Ray

“John Herder building completed our dream house for us in Tucson. We have been in it now for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with the very high quality of our home. This was our first experience building a house and we were a bit apprehensive since we did not live in Tucson during the building process and since I had heard horror stories from friends about their experiences with other builders. John and his lovely wife, Paulette, guided us through the process and were readily available to answer questions throughout. They listened carefully to what we wanted in a house and even helped us figure out what we wanted when we weren’t sure ourselves. For example, the siting of the house on our lot-we knew we had beautiful views and we explained my sewing room needs. John Herder created a site plan that maximizes the views throughout but especially created a sewing room with the most magnificent views and lighting for the room I spend a lot of time in. Similarly the layout and amenities In the garage reflect John’s responsiveness to my husband’s needs for his car hobby. Herder’s extensive experience and creativity show in how beautifully our home turned out. But it’s not just beautiful it is solidly built, energy efficient, easy to maintain and seems to stay cooler in the summer and less dusty than any home I’ve ever lived in. John’s crews of crafts people are obviously of the highest caliber as are the materials he uses and it all shows in our wonderful home. Building our home through Herder Building was such an enjoyable process I sometimes wish the process had taken longer; we so enjoyed John and Paulette.”

– Gloria & Perry

“John Herder does an amazing job when building a home. His attention to detail, and the level of excellence to which he holds his contractors, has amazed us. He and Paulette told us when we first met with them that he does it right the first time so that he doesn’t have to come back and do repairs. As our home has been built, he has stopped construction a number of times and had corners adjusted, texturing re-done, a shower wall rebuilt, a warped door replaced, stucco patched, etc. He is very hands-on and is at our construction site several times a week, if not every day. He patiently answers questions and explains what’s happening. They both have a great sense of humor and treat us as if we are their only concern. I would not hesitate to have them build another home for us.”

– Melinda

“In 1995, Roberta and I considered moving to Tucson to an area in close proximity to where Roberta’s mother lived. On a fact finding trip, Roberta discovered an area that we would like to build a home. This area was in the Tucson Mountain Foothills. Roberta began a search for potential home builders. After personally talking to several home builders, Roberta met with John Herder. She returned to Des Moines, Iowa and stated to me that when we move to Arizona that she would like to strongly consider John Herder as the builder of our home. John’s professional and caring manner was demonstrated from this preliminary meeting, and we are happy to say has continued until the present time.

Within a little over a month after moving to Arizona, John began the construction of our home. This was in September of 1996. Most of the details and changes were handled by Roberta and John. What stood out most in our minds and in our hearts, was that John was receptive to our inquiries, suggestions, and comments, and acted upon these in a timely fashion, and that his building standards were impeccable. Our home was completed in February 1997, and the people that have graced our door have had to hear about John Herder. We have showed our home for John on several occasions. We certainly are willing to have our home shown to prospective home owners in the future. We feel that John Herder will meet and exceed their expectations. He certainly delivered for Roberta and I.

In the summer and fall of 2013, we contacted John and Paulette Herder asking them to assist us in a major remodeling project. This remodeling project was in our kitchen and dining room. They willingly accepted the offer and found subcontractors for us. These included cabinet makers, plumbers, electricians, title installers, painters etc. The project moved along as planned, with no real inconvenience. The project was well done, and in a timely fashion. As in 1995 and 1996 and now in 2013, Herder Building came through with an A+ grade. If we need any other remodeling projects, we know who to call.”

– Charles & Roberta

We’ve been watching John Herder’s builds in TE2 since 1999. But it was not until we started our build in 2010 that we came to fully realize John’s attention to detail from the blueprints, to staking out the foundation on the lot to take full advantage of the space and the views, to ensuring that the framing was perfect and even suggesting we adjust certain aspects to contain costs or improve the look, to varying the roof line to make the exterior more appealing, to setting the porch height to provide shade without interfering with the mountain view, to making sure we had the lighting where we would need it (like where exactly are you going to place the dining room table?), to recommending special insulation, to suggesting roof windows rather than skylights, etc , etc. These construction details effectively disappear once the house is completed. What one does notice however are some of the finishing touches that set John and Paulette apart. If we could find a picture of it John could build it. Or if we were after some specific look, Paulette could create it. What we ended up with is a work of art that we can live within and we had fun doing it.

In pursuit of low lifetime environmental impact John incorporated a roof water harvesting system, grey water collection, solar power generation, upgraded insulation and LED lighting that has resulted in a net zero energy home.

On the outside John listened to our desire for a seamless transition from our yard to the desert. He took charge of the landscaping and we have had many compliments on our ‘desertscape’.
And the location itself – Starr Ridge with its 360 views – Big Cat and Little Cat mountains that border the development to the east, Golden Gate, Brenn and First Ridge to the north, the Santa Ritas to the south, Baboquivari and Kitt Peak to the west. We love that there is world class hiking and mountain biking from our doorstep. We love that we can see native birds and animals right in our back yard. All this yet we are moments from the amenities of the city.

This has been a rewarding experience and we look forward to many years of enjoyment at Starr Ridge.

Thank you John and Paulette!

– Nancy & Bruce

“We moved to Tucson in 2010 and after visiting the Desert Museum we drove pass the sign for custom homes where I said “lets go see”. Once we saw the views and the stunning homes we made the decision we would live there. Well it took us 4 years but we made it! We moved into our custom built Herder home June 16, 2014. We redesigned a floor plan with John and, although we don’t have any other past building experience, can say that the build went so smooth and easy that if we could do it again we would. John and Paulette were so easy to work with that we consider them friends not our builder. I recommend you visit Starr Ridge so you can see for yourself how stunning the area is.”

– Lori & Joe

“The first time we drove into Starr Ridge, where John Herder has been building Southwestern style homes, we were impressed by the quality of construction and unique character of each and every home. They’re not just beautiful homes, they’re works of art situated amongst clever Sonoran landscape and in the shadow of the Tucson Mountain Park. Every day in our Herder built home is like a vacation day. We guarantee, you won’t be sorry to check out the gorgeous models built by John and decorated by Paulette.”

– Jim & Kathy

“John Herder is one of the best buiders I know and I would highly recommend him. He built our custom home and was extremely particular about every phase and held his sub contractors to the max quality standards. He is very easy to work with and tries to accommidate all our needs. I feel confident that our home was built to A+++ standards.”

– Jantina

“Mr. Herder built our new home in Tucson Estates II (TE2), also known as the Foothills. He has built most of the homes in this development. Before we signed the contract to build our home (May 2011), we heard excellent reports from other homeowners in TE2. We talked with numerous individuals and not a single one had anything negative to say about John, his company, or their homes.

Construction started in early May 2011, and was completed in December 2011, within the 8 months John wanted to complete the project. The home has three bedrooms, is about 1600 square feet, has traditional framing, a flat roof, and a stucco exterior. John and his wife, Paulette, were very helpful in the planning phase of the project, which took about a month. The construction contract was well written and complete. We already owned a building lot in the TE2 development.

We have built three homes over the years, one in Michigan, one in North Carolina, and now this one in Tucson. By far, this was the most trouble-free project. John was on top of everything at all times. When we had questions, he always seemed to be a step ahead and consistently made decisions in a professional and quality-conscious manner. We wanted to be around while the house was built, but knowing what we know now, we would not hesitate to have John build a home in our absence. Several of the Herder homeowners we talked to said they had their house built before they moved to Tucson. We can now see how that could be done, with confidence that the “right thing” would be done at each decision point. As an additional plus, John is a really nice guy!
We have been in the house for 2.5 years and everything seems to be great. We have no complaints whatsoever!”

– George & Pat